About Strategic Studies of Competitiveness Center

Centro de Estudios Estratégicos para la Competitividad

The Strategic Studies of Competitiveness Center S.C is an investigation center directed to the development of management tools to the competitiveness. It is methodological based by the World Competitiveness Center of Switzerland and the Partner Institute of the IMD in México.

The Strategic Studies of Competitiveness is a network of associated organizations in the management, academic, and governmental ambientents and its objective is to make investigations to the development of tools to elevate the competitiveness at the personal, professional, regional, industrial, governmental and academic level, including science and technical aspects like energy.

Our faculty has the following professors:

- MS. Carlos Maroto Cabrera (Professor and Coordinator of the Master's Degree ).

- Phd. Federico Zertuche.

- Phd. Manuel de Jesus Castro Romano.

- Phd. Sergio Ramirez.

- Phd. Miguel Angel Palomo.