Course name: Energy’s  Administration


Characteristics: This course has been designed to provide the knowledges, abilities and necessary dexterities for the administration of the energy consumption in the social or labor context where the participants are unwrapped. It would facilitate to obtain significant savings that would provide personal benefits or to the organizations who they pay professionally.

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that propitiate excessive energy consumption in their homes or organization.
  • Check and know the foundations of the sustainable development and the individual and social responsibility, in the global, national and state context that justify the  involvement of the organization or the person in the mechanism for a Clean Development and the efficient use of energy.
  • To value analytically different methodologies of energy administration, with the purpose of going building a methodological proposal and the design of an Administration's System of Energy in correspondence with a sustainable development.

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