Maestría en Administración de Energía. Proyectos de impacto económico para empresas. Ahorro en el costo de energéticos.

Course’s Name: Energy’s administration Master.

Characteristic: The Energy’s administration Master is the way to make that some elements of the technician staff at the company becomes them in experts about energy’s topics, being them able to propose and to execute impact’s projects to the company.

It uses the theoretical-practice methodology (CSP)

Advised by experts the participants:

  • Will develop systematic, instrumental and interpersonal abilities with which ones, they will be able to propose and to implement methodologically their projects.
  • The will rent the company’s investment through the economic impact of their projects (more than 15 % saving in the cost of the energy ones).

Also, it will be formed a group of Advances’ and results’ revision, it will be conformed by the manager and the sub-manager of the own company.

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